Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Crow Ink" by Sharon Auberle

We at Little Eagle Press are very proud to announce the publication of Sharon Auberle's brilliant "Crow Ink", an expanded collection of her poems and exceptional photographs. Her work has been widely published in the small press and has been included in diverse anthologies; in one, "WomanPrayers", her pieces rightfully share space with those of Jane Hirshfield, Denise Levertov, Joy Harjo, Mary Oliver, and Naomi Shihab Nye. Her photographic capabilities come as a little more of a surprise, but we expect to see much more of this aspect of the artist in the future.

The new "Crow Ink", which includes work from several earlier collections and also a selection of more recent poems, follows closely Auberle's publication of "Saturday Nights at the Crystal Ball" (Cross + Roads Press), but is a very different sort of book: Where "Saturday Nights" focuses on the poet's relationship with her mother and the lack of one with her father, "Crow Ink" is a broader collection which includes exquisite appreciations of the natural world and of human relationships as well. Often as not, the poet finds the link between the human and the natural, as in the title poem:

Crow Ink

Crows know.
They take their black,
raucous selves,
fire up that attitude
and never look back
at their abandoned nest
high in the pines.

I wonder, sometimes,
if our lives might be no more
than the art of crows,
written, for awhile
on the sky
then, in an instant,
erased by the wind . . .
News Flash!!! Sharon Auberle's "Crow Ink" has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editorial staff of the excellent e-zine, Quill & Parchment! See http://quillandparchment.com/ .

"Crow Ink" by Sharon Auberle (ISBN 978-0-9823419-3-3), 138 pp. and richly illustrated, is available from Little Eagle Press, P.O. Box 684, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202 for $15 plus $3 shipping & handling. A personal check is fine. Our email is littleeaglepress@gmail.com
Sharon Auberle's personal blog, "Mimi's Golightly Cafe", is at http://sharonauberle.blogspot.com/
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Here's an impression from the great poet, Ellaraine Lockie:
. . . I loved CROW INK! I have a system of starring poems that really speak to me when I read a collection. I consider it a worth- while read if there are five or six stars. (I'm pretty picky.:) CROW INK has 27! I haven't read a collection I liked this much for over a year, and it was Ellen Bass' last book of poems.
So many subjects that are dear or special to me here: Florence, Italy; ladybugs; feathers; birds; the J. Peterman Catalog; writing poems in the middle of the night; handmade paper; dandelions. And all so beautifully and imagistically addressed. Congrats on this fine collection.
-All best,